The 3rd Best Dorm Rooms in the Country, and Other Fun Facts from the Princeton Review’s New Rankings

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The Princeton Review‘s list of the nation’s top colleges is kind of a bummer. The more I read about colleges manipulating (or outright cheating!) their way up the list, the more I view the whole enterprise with suspicion. But the other lists — you know, best food/best dorms/hottest students — well, those are still a guilty pleasure. Here’s how local schools measured up on the frivolous part:

Loyola University of Maryland:  Who would’ve guessed that the third best residence halls in the country are found right here in Baltimore? (Not to mention the seventh best athletic facilities.) Is that perhaps a little… ostentatious for the Catholic-affiliated school? Not so, says Loyola’s president, Reverend Brian Linnane:  “While our rigorous academic programs and diverse social and service opportunities draw only the most exceptional students to Loyola each year, we continually strive to innovate as our entire community – and our Jesuit mission – challenges us to deliver excellence in everything we do.” Perhaps less excellent is the school’s appearance (at #16) on the “Election? What Election” (aka politically disengaged) list.

Goucher College:  Well, since studying abroad is a requirement at Goucher, it’s no surprise that the school comes in second in the country for “popular study abroad programs.” We’re just surprised they’re not number one!

University of Maryland-College Park:  Phew, there’s a whole bunch to say here. The overall impression can be summarized thusly:  lots of partying (15th on the “Lots of Hard Liquor” list; 16th top party school; #6 for “Students Study the Least”), sports (#9 on the “Jock Schools” list; #13 for “Students Pack the Stadiums,” and the 4th best athletic facilities), and… political activism (7th best college newspaper; 10th most politically-active student body). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Johns Hopkins University: Even with an annual tuition just shy of $44,000 a year, Hopkins somehow makes it onto the “Best Value – Private School” list. Eeep.

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