The Aberdeen IronBirds Will Be Called the Steamed Crabs Tonight

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Logo via Aberdeen Steamed Crabs

The Orioles’ minor league affiliate is trading its wings for crab claws for one night only.

To mark the little-known, but very important holiday of National Crab Meat Day on March 9, the Aberdeen IronBirds made a major commitment by announcing they’d change their name and mascot for a summertime game. Tonight, that pledge will be realized when the IronBirds transform into the Steamed Crabs for their game against the West Virginia Black Bears.

Beyond cool uni’s and a jolly-looking-but-kind-of-frightening mascot named Kalvin the Krab, the minor league franchise is going all in with its concessions. Dishes on the menu at Leidos Field tonight will include steamed crabs, crab cakes, crab mac and cheese and softshell crab sandwiches, among other Maryland favorites.

Here’s a promo video from the March announcement that appears to show a cult-like ceremony to mark the transformation from bird to crab:

While it’s all very exciting, Sports Illustrated’s Dan Gartland did raise an interesting question about the Steamed Crabs’ logo (see above) a few months ago: Why would the crab be holding a mallet? It he out to hurt his fellow crustaceans – or worse, himself? Normally it’s the humans who smash open the shell, rather than the target within. The very idea of it all seems to go against a crab’s most basic instincts.

But alas, maybe we’re all over thinking it. Kalvin the Krab likely just wants to you to enjoy the ballgame tonight, beverage and crab cake in-hand.

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