The Best Outtakes From David Simon’s Sports Illustrated Piece on the Orioles

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“The other thing I should say about [Camden Yards] is when we were filming Homicide, [Simon was a writer for the show] they let us film a murder there, and the only reason they let us do it was because we decided the victim would be a Yankee fan and the killer would also be a Yankee fan. That so appealed to Orioles’ management that they convinced the stadium authority to let us do it.”

“I was once meeting my wife [mystery author Laura Lippman] at a downtown bar on Charles Street and I came to the bar a little bit late. She was sitting at a bar with a cosmopolitan and there was a look on her face. She had just come from an interview about one of her novels and she flipped open the cover of her book to show me she had just gotten Brooks Robinson to sign the cover of her book. He had been sitting at the bar and she recognized him and she asked him to sign her book. I saw the look on her face and it was a level of happiness that I will never be able to provide for her. Ever. That’s how she views the Orioles.”

“If you have ever read Albert Camus’s Resistance, Rebellion, and Death on existentialism and morality, in that book in so many words, he makes the argument that to commit to the fight against injustice in a world in which that fight is almost certain — or certainly more probable to lose — is an absurdity. But to not commit to making the fight is equally absurd and only one choice actually offers the choice for human dignity, and dignity matters. … So having said that, I am rooting for the Baltimore Orioles this year and it feels glorious. Let’s take it as far as we can, shall we?”

(Simon’s article is available for subscribers only, but you can listen to his podcast chat with here.)

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