The Feds Are Auctioning Off this Historic Lighthouse Near Baltimore, with a Starting Bid of $15K

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Photo via U.S. General Services Administration

Looking to move out to the county, but somewhere still kind of close to the city limits? Looking for a new place that’s stationary and completely surrounded by water?

The U.S. General Services Administration has put the 144-year-old Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station up for sale. The starting price is set at $15,000, with the auction running through Sept. 15.

As for the dwelling itself, it consists of a cast-iron caisson lighthouse sitting 25 feet above the Chesapeake Bay, held up by wooden piles driven into the bay floor. The living quarters are 1.5 stories, with an expansive scenic view of the water on a perimeter gallery deck.

Here’s a shot of the interior:

Photo via U.S. General Services Administration

Location-wise, it sits roughly two miles off the coast of North Point State Park in Edgemere. Interestingly, the federal government owns, and will continue to own, the land surrounding the lighthouse.

According to, it’s one of four lighthouses spread across the Craighill Channel of the Patapsco River, and one of 30 in Maryland. First lit in 1873, it was regularly occupied or managed by keepers and the U.S. Coast Guard for 90 years before its operations were automated in 1964. The living quarters have still been occupied periodically – by nesting birds, rather than humans.

So far no one has placed any bids, according to the GSA’s listing, meaning you could grab this waterfront home up for a steal at $15,000. This dwelling may be best-suited for boaters, since there’s no other real method of entry.

Those interested in bidding can do so here.

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