The Gift

What It Is:

A  festive champagne being featured right now at Bin 604 Wine Sellers. It’s crisp, persistent, and bright. Bin 604 consistently features fabulous wines that are approachable, affordable, and yet will leave a lasting impression. With New Year’s on the horizon, a bottle of champagne (and one that most of us don’t see everyday) can make an elegantly simple gift without falling flat.  Available at Bin 604 Wine Sellers for $43.99

It’s Perfect For:

A Hostess Gift: Attending a New Year’s party at someone’s home? While bringing wine is generally considered a courteous gesture that doesn’t quite make the “hostess gift” cut, this is one time of year that a nice bottle of champagne is plenty. Almost all of us are still digging our way out of the mountain of presents thrust upon us this past month, and no one needs to be burdened with finding more space to hang one more painting, or place once more vase, or store one more set of candle sticks. You can be sure this gift will be appreciated, both for its immediate utility, and its midnight disappearing act.

Saying “Thank You”: It’s not too late! If you’ve still got folks on your list who could use a generous “thank you”– teachers, co-workers, or your beloved gardener, say– none will look askance at a thoughtful bottle of fine champagne to help them ring in the new year. It’s a great way to sneak in a semi-belated holiday gift, with plenty of well wishes for 2015.