Immaculate Conception School, located in the heart of Towson, strives to instill in their students an appreciation of the many blessings in their lives and the importance of service to others.  This year, the students from Pre-K 3 to 8th grade have participated in a variety of service projects including a sock drive for Our Daily Bread, a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Assistance Center of Towson Churches, a coat drive for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Association for the Blind, the Advent Giving Tree Project in conjunction with the parish, and letters of gratitude written to our local police precinct.  Many of these projects were coordinated by the Middle School Campus Ministry Club, the Student Council and National Junior Honor Society. Several of our middle school students, along with their families, also participated in Wreaths Across America. The faculty and staff could not be more proud of their students for their generous spirits and enthusiasm.

One donation effort took place on a grassroots level, led by two second grade students.  ICS Eagles Julia Bruma and Penelope Winter organized and promoted a Christmas Coin Drive for the Helping-Up Mission. When the girls were asked why this was important, Penelope responded, “Jesus is our gift and we have a tradition of giving gifts at Christmas. The Wise Men brought Jesus gifts and we wanted to give a gift to people who need it.”  The coin drive was the week prior to Christmas break within the classrooms of the 2nd and 3rd grade students and they raised $150!

In asking Penelope’s mother, Mrs. Brooke Winter, her thoughts on the girls’ efforts, she shared, “The faculty and staff at ICS are constantly modeling what it is to do good for others. Christian love is so completely ingrained in the daily workings of our school that our kids are naturally reflecting it in their lives. Mrs. Franklin, ICS Inclusion Coordinator, really is the person who spearheaded this with Penelope and Julia, and Mrs. FitzPatrick, their 2nd grade teacher, did all of the leg work in helping the girls with the fundraiser on a daily basis during the last week of school before break. They both are responsible for empowering Penelope and Julia to do this.”

This week, Penelope, Julia, and all students at Immaculate Conception School are celebrating Catholic Schools Week with fun and faith-filled activities. Among them, the Warm Hands-Warm Hearts Glove and Mittens Drive for Sarah’s Hope of Baltimore and the Celebrate the Nation Snack Drive for the men and women of the Towson Fire and Police Precincts, as well as Student Appreciation Day and a school Mass. If you would like to learn more about Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 31st-Feb.5th) and Immaculate Conception School, visit their website at

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