Tracey Ford, Maryvale Prep

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Maryvale Preparatory School


Tracey H. Ford, President
Maryvale Preparatory School

For seven years, Tracey H. Ford has served as President of Maryvale Preparatory School. Her tenure is punctuated by enviable growth in enrollment, giving and brand recognition. Her prior experience as Senior Director of Development for Towson University has served her well in her current role. Recognized in 2015 by The Daily Record as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women, Ford is a role model and leader for girls.

What drew you to education?
A number of things, including the opportunity to transform lives. I don’t know any other vocation that offers you the chance to make a profound difference in young people’s lives.

As the daughter of a first-generation successful career woman, I know the value of education, scholarship, and tenacity.

What do you like about your current school?
Everything! A campus that embraces the outdoors, an iconic historical building – the Castle – and state-of-the-art innovation, tech and theater spaces – it is a jewel of a campus.

In addition, its feel is unique. It’s truly a personalized experience for each girl and a place where ideas and change are encouraged.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?
In today’s world, I am hoping to make Maryvale counter-cultural. Everything we do is under the umbrella of the Maryvale Way, an intentional commitment, founded on the tenants of respect, dignity and diversity, to keep our community focused on our mission and values. Every day our girls are challenged to question and ensure that their decisions and interactions are consistent with the Maryvale Way.

We also want our girls to use the Maryvale Way as the foundation for their lives.


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