The Insider: The Convenient Country Life

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Did you know that from the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon to the Greenspring Valley, it’s just ten measly miles? A complete transformation of place rolls by in just a little over ten minutes. It’s a little like teleporting and it’s very specific to Baltimore. Most nearby cities have a more gradual landscape change and, as a transplant from one of those cities, I am always just a little bit shocked by it.A quintessential example of this is my friend’s beautiful house. It’s bucolic splendor at its very best, all well-worn charm and gorgeous green views. You would never guess that you are just miles from the convenience of the beltway and 83.

The house is beautifully arranged to take full advantage of the views supplied by the surrounding seventeen acres. Particularly attractive is the tiered area, with stone patio, at the back of the home.

I love how the resident donkey (there is a pony too) comes right up to the house to graze.
The house was bought by the current owners from the wife’s grandmother. Heirlooms and paintings of family members are pitch perfect in the antique surroundings.
Architectural details abound in every nook and cranny.
The back stairs and hallway exude cozy country house charm.
The owner is an avid gardener and her sunroom houses a collection of flourishing plants.
In a recent renovation, the owners repainted the original kitchen cabinets to great effect. The new kitchen has all the modern conveniences but retains a sense of history.
The fireplaces are all beautifully proportioned and detailed.
A lovely vegetable garden, chickens and out buildings all continue the theme of the country life ideal…just ten minutes from the city!

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