We’ve had fun following the arcing trajectory of indie film Crooked Arrows since pre-production. The movie — starring Brandon Routh as Native American lacrosse powerhouse Joe Logan — opened in Baltimore and select cities earlier this month and, thanks to growing grassroots support and write-in demand (online), continues to extend its theatrical reach. The feature lands in 400 theaters nationwide on June 1st. Impressive for a flick funded without studio bucks.

Producer Mitchell Peck told Baltimore Fishbowl that he and his team raised eight million dollars to make Crooked Arrows and five million more to publicize it, after knocking Hollywood studio doors to no avail.

Peck believes the movie packs a hyper-commercial punch — he continues to spread the word.

“The truth of the movie is…it’s got studio DNA,” Peck says. “It’s broadly appealing and relevant, a mainstream family movie. The underdog sports movie is almost always a studio movie: The Bad News Bears, The Mighty Ducks…”

Fan reaction (see above) echoes his confident claim.

In the end, has this action-swinging, “underdog” sports movie – which also teaches viewers about lacrosse’s important Native American roots – replaced studio power with equally effective people power? Weeks ahead will tell.

“We have a social media program – it’s such a sprawling but tightly knit [lacrosse] community,” Peck says. “Our Facebook page has about 120,000 people who’ve opted in. They write messages all day long. ‘We have this many teams and players; we will buy out the theater; please come to us.’ Now they’re on our list. We have a real dialogue with our community – U.S. Lacrosse has been such a stalwart supporter of our movie. They’ve sent email to their entire database.”

You can currently catch the movie in Maryland at: Annapolis Bow Tie Harbor 9 Theatres — Gaithersburg AMC Rio Cinemas 18 — Hanover Cinemark Egyptian 24 — Hunt Valley Regal Hunt Valley Cinemas 12 — and Owings Mills AMC Owings Mills 17.

Visit the Crooked Arrows website for additional locations around the country. Go here to plan a group event.