Have you heard of Henry Ellenbogen?

Business Insider is reporting that when Ellenbogen, a  manager of T. Rowe Price’s New Horizons Fund, touches a startup, it usually means the company is going to go public. He has invested in TwitterZynga, Workday, and LivingSocial.

The writer of the Business Insider post, Boonsri Dickinson, goes on to insult Baltimore with, “He lives in Baltimore, of all places.” (I think Baltimore has a “brand” issue, but that’s another post.)

An anonymous venture capitalist says of Ellenbogen, “A lot of companies planning to go public want to get Henry involved, because it helps set up their IPO. Henry is basically a leading indicator.”

The 1994 Harvard grad, with a JD and MBA from Harvard too, took a leave of absence from college in 1992 to work as chief of staff for former congressman Peter Deutsch, a Democrat from Florida’s 20th district.

Check out The Wall Street Journal’s 2011 profile of the Baltimore wonder boy.

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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.