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The PSAT scores are out. So what’s next? Should your student prep for the ACT instead? Or maybe stick with the SAT? Should your sophomore start this summer or wait until fall? Most of the time, you’ll get “safe” advice: “Take both the SAT and ACT just to be sure” … “Maybe sign up for a class–at least it’s not that expensive.” … “Take the SAT in May. That’s when everyone else does”…

When college acceptances and scholarships are on the line, “safe” advice falls short and often leads to valuable time wasted, ultimately handicapping a student’s performance. The SAT and ACT may be standardized, but every student is different, meaning each student’s path to success is also different.

That’s why Streamline Tutors created the SAT/ACT Primer. Streamline regularly boasts 200+ point improvements on the SAT and 5+ improvements on the ACT. Sure, those results come from the fact that all of our students receive 1-on-1 tutoring with tutors scoring in the 98th percentile of the SAT and ACT. However, it’s just as much a matter of setting our students on a customized path for success.

Streamline’s SAT/ACT Primer sets the foundation for successful prep by:

  1. Intimately understanding each student’s abilities through our SAT/ACT diagnostics and cognitive testing
  2. Providing participants with a customized test prep road map based on our analysis.
  3. Giving students the most important strategies and test-taking tips

Participants take a diagnostic ACT at our office one Saturday in January and then attend a crash course hosted at Friends on January 26th. On the day of the crash course, students learn trade secrets, time management, and helpful tips on test-taking psychology. Parents receive a comprehensive report and a follow-up consultation on their student’s starting point.

The Primer costs only $190, a value that can be discounted from a tutoring package with Streamline should you opt to continue with one of our one-on-one tutors. If so, ask about our score improvement guarantee!

Visit this link to get your student in the same room with the best tutors in Baltimore:

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