The Super Bowl Makes Baltimoreans Richer, More Productive, and More Giving, Say Economists

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Ravens-themed manicures and other Super Bowl-themed activities boost Baltimore's economy. So go get your nails done.
Ravens-themed manicures and other Super Bowl-themed activities boost Baltimore’s economy. So go get your nails done.

Here’s another reason to run up and hug Ray Rice if you see him at the mall  next month:  according to UMBC economic analysts, the fact that the Ravens have made it to the Super Bowl will boost Baltimore’s economy by about $140 per resident.

According to a roundup of studies by Towson University’s Daraius Irani, postseason appearances make cities happy (economically speaking), even if the city in question doesn’t host any actual games. Making it to the playoffs increases productivity (because who isn’t inspired by Ray Lewis’s work ethic?), boosts spending (because now we all need jerseys to wear around town, or when visiting Indianapolis, Denver, or Boston), and raises charitable giving (because why not just spread the joy?).

Professional estimators are predicting that this weekend’s Super Bowl will bring in about $434 million to the New Orleans region, thanks to tourism, temporary employment, hotel and restaurant activity, and memorabilia sales.  But Baltimore wins, too according to Irani:  “Baltimoreans will be more productive, less prone to workplace accidents, give more to charities and have spent more money over the holidays as a result of the Ravens postseason play.” So let’s all go out and buy some purple hair dye, give some cannoli and seafood to the homeless, and be kind to our fellow Baltimoreans. It’s what the Ravens would want.

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