The View from Halcyon Farm: Celebrate Spring with the Ladew Garden Festival, Today

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    To Stiles and Jonathan, Ladew Topiary Gardens pretty much exemplifies the perfect place: There are gorgeous and varied gardens for Jonathan to study, and stunning and important antiques for Stiles to admire! Add a beautiful spring weekend and a range of vendors from up and down the east coast, and you have the fabulous Ladew Garden Festival taking place today, Saturday, May 2!

    There are so many plants still blooming at Ladew, including these double-petal tulips, lots of weeping cherry trees, and the amazing espaliered apple tree.

    apple tree

    Of course, Ladew’s world-famous topiary gardens make it worth a visit any time you go!

    But what makes the Ladew Garden Festival such fun is the sheer variety of vendors who attend. There are always plants on offer that you never see anywhere else. How about this crazy plant?


    It’s called a solanum, and it has grey-green leaves with bright orange spikes. When it blooms, it will have purple star-like flowers! It looks like something Tim Burton would have dreamed up for one of his crazy movies!

    There are plants for sale everywhere and the plantsmen who are selling them are a font of great information for you, and will make sure they sell you the right plant for your garden, your soil and sun conditions. Believe me, the big box stores won’t provide the kind of advice and service that these vendors will!


    In addition to plants, there are also plenty of ornaments to add a layer of interest to your garden space. Regardless of your interest or style, you are sure to find the perfect element.


    And under the tent, there are even more terrific vendors, including our lovely shop, Halcyon House Antiques. We’re going indulge in a little self-promotion here, but I must say that our shop’s space looks marvelous!


    We have great summer jewelry, hats, scarves and tableware. Even though the weather’s still a little chilly, we’re completely ready for summer at Halcyon House. Our booth is on the tent on the left as you walk in!


    We aren’t the only ones under the big top, there are other local and regional antique dealers, some specialty plantsmen, including the vendor who has the most amazing and stunning collection of orchids.


    I spotted these antique brushes and had to pick one up to get into those corners that are hard to reach. The fact that it’s an antique and had a whole other life makes me happy.


    I spotted this bowl of marbles and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of their glorious colors.


    Be sure to stop by Landreth Seeds, if only so that you can say that you bought seeds or plants from the same company who supplied Thomas Jefferson more than 200 years ago. It’s just a little part of history in the garden!

    The 2015 Ladew Garden Festival takes place today, Saturday, May 2 on Jarrettsville Pike in Harford County from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    The View from Halcyon Farm is sponsored by Halcyon House Antiques located at 11219 Greenspring Avenue, Lutherville, and open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, visit the Halcyon House Antiques website or call 410-828-8889.

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