The View From Halcyon Farm: Your Summer Reading List

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    If you’re like us, you were assigned a summer reading list when the term ended in June. And if you’re really like us, you left the reading until about a week before the fall term started. But we’re not going to be like that this summer. We’re going to get some good books, ones that you’re going to want to dive into right now, and not wait until the end of August.

    A few weeks ago, Jonathan, along with John Rosselli & Company hosted a book signing in New York for Steven Stolman’s newest book, 40 Years of Fabulous, which celebrates the granddaddy of all decorator show-houses – Kips Bay in New York.

    40 year

    The pictures in this book – and it’s mostly pictures, not lots of text – are stunning. It’s fun to look back and see what was chic 40 years ago. But the best part is parsing the images to look at all of the incredible details that the decorators have used. And believe me, these are the very tip-top decorators in New York and across the country.

    Another book worth looking at with a magnifying glass is Charlotte Moss’s new book on gardens, Garden Inspirations.

    charlotte moss

    While this book talks about the beautiful Italian, French and Dutch gardens she’s visited and has taken inspiration from, it’s all chock-full of ideas for your garden and for table settings and flower arrangements. The arrangements are very manageable, as you can see from the one on the book’s cover – they’re zinnias stuck into a simple blue and white vase. If Charlotte Moss can use brightly colored zinnias, so can you!

    One book that we can’t recommend highly enough is by old family friend, Furlow Gatewood who lives down in Georgia on a spread of land with a whole lot of houses that he’s had hauled in and restored. Even if Furlow wasn’t a good friend, we’d still love this book – it’s gorgeous. Each and every image in the book is beautiful, and the houses themselves are just fabulous. It’s hard to find enough superlatives to describe this magical place.


    Aside from looking at the pictures, this time with a microscope, so you can check out the beautiful fabrics, silver and china, the book was written by Julia Reed, a soigne southern gal who also writes for Garden & Gun. She writes this book with such an overlay of love and affection for Furlow, that it becomes a very personal book. And if all that’s not enough, Furlow’s dogs are cute.

    Primates of Park Avenue, which was published earlier this week, is getting a lot of buzz. It’s about the tribe of women on New York’s Upper East Side and their hyper-competitive lives as the spouses of the masters of the financial universe.


    People have either loved or hated this book, depending on their vantage point, and the New York Times has written both positive and negative pieces about it!

    For a super light and fluffy book and one’s that’s perfect for reading on the beach under an umbrella is friend Mary Kay Andrews newest summer book, Beach Town, which debuted at number six on the New York Times’ bestseller list two weeks ago.

    Beach Town cover

    We promise that we won’t make you write a book report after you’ve finished reading any one of these books, and we won’t quiz you on them either. But we do think you will like them!

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