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from the Whit Harvey Group Blog:


How New Home Builders are Catering to Current Buyer Needs

The new generation of buyers is looking for something entirely different from what their parents wanted. Formal living and dining rooms are on their way out, and their focus is more on location than square footage.

Below, in an excerpt from a recent article in the Baltimore Business Journal, Keith Minney describes how home builders are customizing new homes to buyer demand.

“Locations near amenity-rich urban centers and highly useful home designs appeal to today’s prospective homeowners. Homebuilding companies have adjusted accordingly.”

Consumer-driven design

In a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Elkridge, Pulte Homes has constructed mock-ups of townhomes that the company pays consumers to walk through, assessing the floor plans and giving feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The consumers point out when a closet seems like wasted space or when the bathroom is too close to the kitchen. Click to View More


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