The Book on the ‘Serial’ Case Will Be Written

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Book cover/via St. Martin’s Press

Last year around this time, we were all obsessed with Serial. But even after the podcast ended in 2014, there was the inevitable backlash, a new chance for Adnan Syed to make his case in court, and even a second podcast. Now, a book is on the horizon.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the book will be authored by Rabia Chaudry, the advocate for Syed who brought the case to the attention of Serial’s Sarah Koenig. Chaudry was also behind Undisclosed, the second podcast about the Baltimore murder caseThe book is set to be called Adnan’s Story: Murder, Justice, and The Case That Captivated a Nation. It’s set to be published in September, 2016.

Interestingly, the book is coming out while the case is still in motion. A state judge agreed to re-examine post-conviction proceedings and evidence, allowing Syed’s team to present new info about potential alibi Asia McClain and cell phone data initially used by prosecutors to convict the then-Woodlawn High School senior in the murder of Hae Min Lee.



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