Susan Clayton, the founder of WhitePaw RunMitts, holds the novelty check for the $25,000 she earned by winning the 2022 Crab Tank. (Courtesy photo)

The judges dug into the Crab Tank and pulled out … a pair of protective mitts.

On Friday, the last day of civic and economic booster Baltimore Homecoming’s Amplify 2022 convening, entrepreneur Susan Clayton and her outdoor gear and apparel company WhitePaws RunMitts beat four local tech and coworking companies to win the business pitch competition.

Clayton earned a total of $27,500 in prize money, which includes both the $25,000 grand prize and the $2,500 People’s Choice Award, to support the growth of her outdoor gear and apparel company business pitch competition. The larger prize was awarded after Clayton and other competing startups’ founders pitched their businesses to judges like 410 Labs founder Dave Troy, Accessmatized LLC owner Takia Ross, Apollo Global impact chair Lisa Green Hall and Murphy Enterprises‘ owner Jason Murphy.