Nine-Year-Old Sets Maryland Fishing Record

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Here’s a fish tale for you: The catch that set a new state record weighed more than the person who caught it.

In this case, the person doing the catching was nine-year-old Emma Zajdel. The Ocean City resident weighs all of 65 pounds and 52 inches tall, while the Cobia she caught hit the scale at 94.6 pounds and measured more than a foot taller, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources said in a news release detailing the catch.

Having heard the news around Ocean City this summer, Zajdel and her father thought it was another shark.

They were fishing in Little Gulf Shoals, near Assateauge Island on June 30.While they had a pair of rods in the water trolling for bluefish, Emma Zajdel was outfitted with a fighting belt in case anything bigger should come along. When her father handed her the rod that had just tightened, it was a good thing.

Emma battled for 20 minutes, but was able to reel it in. Ed Zajdel and Robert Clark wrestled with the giant fish and were able to corral it.

Just in case the fish gets bigger as time goes on, the state had an official biologist weigh and measure it.


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