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The National Aquarium has taken in another wounded seal found sick and stranded off the coast of Ocean City.

The harbor seal, nicknamed “Marmalade” in the spirit of the aquarium’s breakfast foods theme for 2018 rescues, was found stranded on the shore, according to a release. The animal was diagnosed with pneumonia and seal pox on his front left flipper, and his rescuers also found him struggling to breathe and with lacerations on his body.

Luckily, Marmalade is better off now in the care of staff and veterinarians at the aquarium’s Animal Rescue Center in Fells Point. The seal’s treatment regimen so far includes IV fluids and antibiotics.

The aquarium said Marmalade’s condition is stable, thanks in part to increased activity and a sturdy diet of more than six-and-a-half pounds of fish daily. Staff will plan his release depending on how his health improves.

Here’s a shot of Marmalade swimming around, just in case you’re wondering if he’s mobile.

Photo via National Aquarium

We’ve inquired about the specifics for treating seal pox, as well as Marmalade’s rehabilitative quarters down in Fells Point.

Fortunately, the aquarium has a solid record on rehabbing rescued seals. Last year, the rescue center fixed up Luna, a grey seal pup also found in Ocean City in May 2017, suffering from lung worms and dehydration, and Phil, a fellow harbor seal who got stuck in the mud in April 2017 after swimming upstream from the Delaware Bay.

Luna’s recovery took nearly four months, while Phil’s was around three months. Both seals were released off the coast of New Jersey last summer.

The aquarium is currently awaiting completion of a brand new, $20 million rescue center in Jonestown. Unlike the current facility in Fells Point, the new center will be open to public tours and community events. It’s projected to open sometime this year.

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