This Time Flacco Turned Off the Lights

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A shot from Harbaugh's post-game conference during the "accidental" blackout
A shot from Harbaugh’s post-game conference during the “accidental” blackout

All right. I don’t like accusing people when I don’t have all the evidence, but I’m beginning to believe that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco may have been behind the Super Bowl blackout last February. His motive? He is a pathological, compulsive lights-turner-offer. I’m not sure yet how deep this conspiracy goes, but I think linebacker Terrell Suggs may be involved.

The first evidence of Flacco’s (unhealthy?) obsession with the Super Bowl blackout came when his McDonald’s Mighty Wings commercial featured a reference to the mysterious event, a move — now here technically I have absolutely no proof — I think may have been his idea.

But most recently — and most damningly — at Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s post-game conference Sunday, Flacco “accidentally” shut the lights off by “bumping into a wall switch.”  Harbaugh laughed it off with a joke about “deja vu.” Very soon afterwards, the room went dark again. This time it was Suggs’s goof — or so they say.

If Flacco is the mastermind behind this series of blackouts — and at this point can there be any doubt? — then this isn’t the first time Suggs has protected the quarterback by throwing people off the scent. You’ll recall that Suggs recently accused NFL commissioner Roger Goodell of perpetrating the Super Bowl blackout to keep the game closer. And now here’s Suggs taking the fall for what was obviously Flacco’s second switch-flip in a single conference.

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