Throw Away Your Old Christmas Decors: Here Are 5 Unique Decorating Tips

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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s almost time to transform your home into a festive wonderland. Instead of dusting off those old and tired decorations, why not try something new this Christmas? Check out this unique guide to Christmas decorations with 5 quick and easy tips to help you get started.

Create your own baubles


Avoid the traditional bauble and try adding your own unique design to these staple Christmas tree ornaments. Transparent glass baubles can be bought at half the cost of their glittery counterparts and provide a blank canvas for your creativity. Once you’ve removed the top, you can add different fillings to suite your color scheme. Shake in artificial snow, add wood chippings or fill with colorful feathers – the options are endless.

Replace the wreath

For a contemporary window or door decoration that still looks classy, replace the traditional evergreen wreath with one designed using branches. Willow twigs look especially good when spray painted white. A feather wreath also gives a chic finish and you can even create your own with fabric and candy.

Get doodling


For a bold decoration piece, why not paint a wall with blackboard paint and then transform it into a festive masterpiece? Invite family and friends over and give them the chance to doodle their best Christmas inspired drawings. Once Christmas has finished, you can wipe the old design away and create a new sketch or make a list of all your New Year’s Resolutions.

Make a centerpiece

Fill a variety of clear glass containers and cylinders with a selection of ornaments. These might include pine cones picked straight from your back yard, cranberries or coffee beans.To add a festive touch, spray paint white, gold or silver. These provide a great table decoration or look good on the mantelpiece. Alternatively, you can fill the cylinders with festive colored candy or a selection of fruit to meet your color scheme.

Switch the tree topper

Placing the fairy or star at the top of the tree is a well worn family tradition and it’s definitely time to mix things up. Try choosing a more unusual tree topper such as a large bow with long ends cascading down the tree. Large temple bells also look great, best in a collection of three and surrounded by festive foliage such as holly and mistletoe.

Trade in the traditional holiday ornaments for some of these inspired décor tips and you’ll add some festive glamour to your home.

Images by libertygrace0 and Bjørn Egil Johansen used under Creative Commons License.

Lolita Hurt is an artist Interior Design graduate, loves traveling the globe looking for different concept of arts with her lovable Pomeranian “pebbles” that’s also a model decoration in her design photography.

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