She hit “send”!  Early decision applications are due either November 1, or November 15, generally.  Some are accepted as late as December 1, depending on the school.  This weekend, Emily hit the button, launching months (or years, depending upon how you look at it) of effort, and her entire personal supply of hopes and dreams.  The full-sized poster of her first-choice school is taped to her bedroom wall.  It will stay there as a monument to this finger-crossing, breath-holding, slightly obsessive process that will hold us all in animated suspense until December 15 – the day of reckoning.    

They say that ED (early decision) applicants have a statistical advantage over regular decision applicants.  Given the fact that it’s a one-way promise from the student to the college for a period of time, that seems only fair and fitting.  These kids really put themselves out there.  She has literally had to make her commitment that if the college accepts her, she will enroll, and withdraw all other applications to all other colleges and universities.  Hitting send in this case is like saying “I love you” first.  She is vulnerable to rejection, but remarkably not focused on that.  She really just wants them to say, “We love you, too.” 

In this vortex of senior year, the early decision event seems like a significant undercurrent.  Although many of Emily’s friends have been recruited to colleges to play sports already, this is the first wave in the storm where the students are taking the initiative.  Unlike sports recruits, who are wooed and lured by colleges, the ED applicants, like Emily, are the first who have thrown themselves into the turbulence.  What courage.  Now the count-down begins…  45 days until one piece of her future is revealed.