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Pat Skerry photo via Pressbox

It’s the big day for Towson University’s men’s basketball team. Except, the season doesn’t officially start until next week.

The reason the team has been looking forward to this day is because of the election. Head Coach Pat Skerry said back at the beginning of fall practice that he implemented a new rule this year: every player must vote. He told CBS Sports at the time that it involves lots of logistics, given that players are from different states. The athletics staff also provided players with info on candidates.

Skerry was careful to say he wasn’t telling anyone who to vote for. For the coach, voting is about leadership.

“I think we have a weakness in terms of: do your guys take enough of an active interest, are they leaders, and we’ve certainly been guilty at times at not getting them involved enough,” Skerry said of his program and players’ activities in the greater Baltimore community.

New, Skerry is the one blazing the torch. Towson University says he’s booked to appear on Sportscenter.

BREAKING NEWS: Towson head men’s basketball coach Pat Skerry will be a guest on the 7:00 p.m. ET SportsCenter tonight. Be sure to tune in.

— Towson Men’s Basketball (@Towson_MBB) November 8, 2016


Stephen Babcock

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