Towson Enlists Goat Landscapers to Devour Weeds

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In Cleveland, they use sheep to trim the grass on their vacant lots. At Towson University, it’s goats that are helping keep weeds in check.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, 18 goats are spending the week chowing down on a thick patch of ivy that’s clogging up an area near the center of campus. Last year, hundreds of volunteers tried to tackle the job by hand, but were stymied by the amount of iv, as well as the yellow jackets who were disturbed by their work.

James Hull, an emeritus professor of biology at Towson, hopes the goats will do a more effective, chemical-free job of removing the ivy so native plants can thrive in the area once again.

Hull enlisted the help of Harmony Church Farm–which, believe it or not, is not the only goat-based landscaping service in the Baltimore area.

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