Towson High Student Combats Islamophobia via CNN, Huffington Post

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Amara Majeed
Amara Majeed, via Majeed’s Twitter profile.

Towson High School senior and practicing Muslim Amara Majeed told the Baltimore Sun that, she “can’t watch the news without feeling criminalized and misinterpreted.” Fortunately, she’s found ways to fight back against the “dehumanizing” protrayal of Muslims in the media.

She founded a website, The Hijab Project, which records what happens to “girls (non-Muslim and Muslim)” who wear “the Islamic headscarf to a mall or other public place,” to help people rethink anti-Muslim bias. Then she self-published The Foreigners, a collection of short biographies of Muslims across the world.

Majeed’s writing has appeared on CNN’s website, and on February 6, she published a think piece on the bias against dark skin in South Asian culture at the Huffington Post.

Read more about Majeed (high school senior!) at the Baltimore Sun.

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