Towson’s Recher Theatre to Close, Be Replaced by Awful-Sounding Nightclub

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The beloved-by-some, tolerated-by-others Recher Theatre, a longtime home for Baltimore County teens with Hot Topic outfits and rebellious haircuts, has announced that it will be closing at the end of March, after nearly 17 years of operation. Opening in the concert venue’s place will be a nightclub with the ominous name “Torrent Lounge.”

The venue’s transition from concert venue to nightclub is in part an economic decision. “The [nightclub] scene is doing much better,” co-owner Brian Recher told Patch. “The younger kids are going toward the DJ scene more.” But the announcement was met with sorrow in some parts of the community, as Towsonites reminisced over attending their first show at the Recher, and mourned “the NewJerseyification of Towson.”

Some community members also raised questions about the wisdom of the decision, in light of the riot/shooting that took place outside the Recher after Towson’s homecoming last fall. (The Towson liquor board ruled that the Rechers were not at fault in the situation.)

What do you think? Will you miss the Recher, or do you welcome the venue’s new direction?

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