Would You Trade a Maryland Lighthouse for a Florida Home?

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Ronald Lundgren wants to move to Florida as soon as possible. So he’s offering up a lighthouse near the Chesapeake Bay in a straight trade.

According to USA Today, the self-described “eccentric” posted an offer on Craiglist saying he would be willing to trade the Cecil County lighthouse if a resident of the Sunshine State’s Punta Gorda is willing to give up their home.

Lundgren told the paper he is pushing 80, and doesn’t seem particularly fond of the lighthouse. He said it was just for a nautical look, and was “on a farm in Pennsylvania” before he had it moved. The article also notes that it’s not insulated. Such considerations left some potential dealers questioning why he bought the lighthouse.

He has two answers ready. “Do you have one, and didn’t you call¬†because you want one?”

On the off chance a Florida resident doesn’t happen to want a lighthouse in Maryland, he’s also willing to trade for a yacht or motorcycle.

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