The Orioles have teamed up with the MVA to offer Marylanders special edition license plates featuring the recently revived cartoon bird logo. They’re $50 (with half the cost going to charity) and come with a random four-digit number. But if you were hoping for 0001 (the first plate made), or your favorite player’s number — say, 0010 (Adam Jones), 0021 (Nick Markakis), or 0032 (Matt Wieters) — you’ll have to enter an auction.

The Orioles plate will join two other “special interest” license plates currently available here, “Treasure the Chesapeake, which supports the Chesapeake Bay Trust, and “Our Farms, Our Future,” which supports the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation. (Me, I’ve got “Historic” plates, which supports me not having to go through Maryland’s notorious inspection process.)

And by the way, if you were looking for a definitive, complete online reference of Maryland license plates through the ages — I mean, you’re probably not, but what I’m saying is if you were — Marylander Rick Kretschmer’s License Plate Archives will absolutely blow your mind.