Two Local Universities Among “Most Militarized in America”

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Here’s a ranking we haven’t seen before: VICE News set out to identify the U.S. universities with the strongest ties to the military, intelligence, and law enforcement. Two nearby schools make the top ten.

According to VICE, the University of Maryland is the most militarized university in America (even more than American Military University!), with Johns Hopkins ranking seventh. Our proximity to Washington, D.C. is certainly a factor in why both schools scored high on the list. Here’s how VICE explains their ranking criteria:

Initially, we hesitated to use the term militarized to describe these schools. The term was not meant to simply evoke robust campus police forces or ROTC drills held on a campus quad. It was also a measure of university labs funded by US intelligence agencies, administrators with strong ties to those same agencies, and, most importantly, the educational backgrounds of the approximately 1.4 million people who hold Top Secret clearance in the United States.

As federal money for research dries up, universities are increasingly seeking out funding from other sources; in many cases, that turns out to be the military or intelligence community. Sometimes this results in uneasy situations, as when a Johns Hopkins professor claimed that the university was trying to censor his private blog because it was critical of the NSA.


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