Larry S. Gibson discusses Saturday, December 15 at the Ivy from 7 – 9 p.m. his new book, Young Thurgood: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice, the only biography of Thurgood Marshall ever to be endorsed by his immediate family, which focuses on Marshall’s youthful formative years in Maryland.

Thurgood Marshall transformed the nation’s legal landscape by challenging racial segregation. Marshall is best known for his achievements after his relocation to New York in 1936 to work for the NAACP. But his personality, attitudes, priorities and work habits crystallized during his youth in Maryland. Exhaustively researched and engagingly written, Young Thurgood: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice is the first detailed examination of that period in Marshall’s life.

Larry S. Gibson, a professor at the Carey School of Law at the University of Maryland, explores the details of Marshall’s childhood and corrects the record on a number of popular “facts” about Marshall. The result is a portrait of a person who was more focused, ambitious and talented than most stories – including those told by Marshall himself – would have you believe. The book also presents fresh information about Marshall’s family and his education, as well as the history of the NAACP, and describes the mentors who  helped shape Marshall’s values and sharpen his skills, the impact of his experiences in competitive debating while in high school and college, his struggles to establish a law practice during the Great Depression and his first civil rights cases.

Join Larry Gibson at the Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road, on Saturday, December 15 at 7 p.m.  For more information, visit the Ivy Bookshop website.