Uber Driver Carjacked in Northwest Baltimore

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Police_car_With_lights_onAn Uber driver’s car was stolen at gunpoint in Northwest Baltimore on Saturday night, according to a Baltimore police report.

The male driver accepted a ride in the 2700 block of N. Longwood St. When he arrived in the block, he waited for a short time. Then, a man got into the car, pointed a gun at the driver and demanded money. The driver said he didn’t have any money.

The man then ordered the driver out of the car, and a second man opened his door. When the driver got out, the two men got in the car and drove off with his wallet and cell phone.

About 15 minutes after the driver told police about the incident, a police car caught up with the vehicle But the car sped off, and Foxtrot tracked it from the air. The police report states the driver “jumps curbs, blew through intersections, and showed no regard for traffic laws.”

A man and woman eventually bailed out, leaving the man driving the car. Later identified as 27-year-old Chauncey Sutton, he eventually jumped out of the car at North Ave. and Thomas St., and police arrested him after a foot chase. Police did not immediately arrest the other man responsible for the robbery.

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