Inauguration of Dr. Bruce Jarrell. Photo via UMB Facebook.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore on Friday inaugurated the university’s seventh president, Dr. Bruce Jarrell.

Jarrell, an Eastern Shore native, announced at his inauguration a pledge of $18 million to create two endowment funds in the president’s office.

The donation pledge was made by Jarrell’s childhood friend, Lawrence Hayman.

Hayman is the co-founder of H&M Bay, Inc., a transportation and storage company based in Federalsburg, Md. 

The first endowment, the Hayman Endowed Fund for Healthcare Improvement, will aim to improve health care on the Eastern Shore through scholarships and support to Eastern Shore public school students admitted to UMB. The fund will also incentivize medical providers to set up practices there.

The second endowment, the Hayman Endowed Cancer Research Fund for the President of UMB, will support cancer research. 

Jarrell joined UMB in 1997 to lead the Department of Surgery. He has since served as chief academic and research officer, senior vice president, executive vice president, and dean of the graduate school

Jarrell served as interim president for eight months before being appointed as president in September 2020.