Union Brewing is Hosting a Pinewood Derby

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pinewood-derby-736440_960_720catch of the day fish (2)Competitions that were fun as a kid can be just as fun as an adult. Just add drink. This weekend, Union Craft Brewing is resurrecting Cub Scout favorite, the Pinewood Derby.

Fresh off Duckpin’s positive review by Paste Magazine, Union is inviting homemade cars into its Woodberry taproom. For the Sunday, Feb. 28, afternoon competition, all racers must be 21. The brewery is supplying the 40 ft. track and the beer, and Alewife will be onhand with food.

But participants are in charge of the cars. Union has a lengthy list of rules (no wheel bearings, washers or bushings) and specifications (Cars must have four wheels). As always, the maximum weight of six ounces will be strictly enforced. Having the fastest car will earn a prize, but style is a category all its own.

Racing starts at 3 p.m., but the taproom opens at noon to start revving the old engine.

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