L to R: Johnny Unitas, Joe Flacco
L to R: Johnny Unitas, Joe Flacco

If being named Super Bowl MVP and being signed to six-year, $120-million contract wasn’t enough to fulfill of Raven Joe Flacco’s dreams, then being chosen to portray legendary Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas in a film ought to do it. But the casting of Flacco has ignited an embarrassing public spat between factions of the Unitas family.

Unitas’s son Joe chose Flacco for his Baltimore ties, Unitas-like “demeanor,” and role-model status.

Joe’s nephew J.C. disagrees. He called the casting an “embarrassing choice.” He took to Facebook with more: “My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it.”

John Jr (J.C.’s father and Joe’s brother) agrees. “This is a joke,” he said.

But it would seem that Flacco was merely caught in the middle of a bitter and ongoing family rift. John Jr. considers Joe Unitas, pardon me, a “turd” for even making the movie in the first place, which John sees as a cynical, mercenary move, having nothing to do with truly honoring their father’s legacy.

Poor Flacco.