Break room. What break room?

For as long as some housekeepers at the University of Maryland College Park can remember, they didn’t have such an accommodation for eating lunch. Instead, they have been eating lunch next to mops, brooms, dust pans, and cleaning sprays in tight janitor closets.

This, alongside not being able to punch-in at the beginning of their work shift at the building closest to their work area, were among the working conditions that did not change up until the eve of a planned rally by a UMCP housekeepers union last week. On Wednesday night, the workers received a letter from University of Maryland’s Facilities Management Division division detailing changes to workplace conditions.

On Thursday, about 70 people attended the rally in front of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union building where members of a union that represents university housekeepers demanded to be treated with dignity, a better workplace, and higher wages.

State Sen. Victor Ramirez, a Prince George’s County Democrat, spoke at the rally and lent his support to the workers, who average about $11.50 per hour. “Your voices are being heard and I have your back,” he said. Read the rest at CityBizList….