An Update on the Ripken Kidnapping Case

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Remember when some jerk kidnapped Cal Ripken, Jr.’s mom a couple years ago, then returned her unharmed (and unransomed) a day later? This week, Deadspin revisited the story, detailing all the twists and turns in the still-unsolved case.

At the time, Violet Ripken’s kidnapping was investigated by the FBI, the Baltimore City Police, the Maryland state police, and Harford County deputies. The story made national headlines. Billboards offered a reward for any tips leading to the perp. Two-and-a-half years later, though, one lone Aberdeen detective is still on the case, and no credible suspect has emerged– even after Ripken Jr. upped the reward money to a cool $100,000 last year.

The Deadspin story covers all the ins and outs of the investigation, including a few odd details that don’t quite add up (someone call Sarah Koenig!). But the tl;dnr version is this: We don’t know who kidnapped Violet, and we may never know.

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