Pop culture fanatics from around the country assembled in San Diego this past weekend for Comic-Con, where they can hear artists and celebrities preview their upcoming projects and, if they’re lucky, give Leonard Nimoy a half-Vulcan high-five.

This year, Baltimore’s own minimalist-noise-pop composer Dan Deacon joined the ranks of pop culture icons hawking their wares to a bunch of costume-wearing geeks (but in a good way) when he discussed his upcoming collaborative film project with Francis Ford Coppola and Val Kilmer.

Not only is Dan Deacon (who as recently as 2005 was foraging for acorns in Baltimore to save money on food over the winter) scoring Coppola’s new “low-budget horror film” Twixt. He and Coppola are actually going to tour the movie live, with the director chopping and re-editing the film on the fly while the composer gives the soundtrack similar treatment. Oh, and some of the movie is in 3D. And Edgar Allan Poe is a character.

If you don’t believe me, check out these photos of Deacon on the red carpet with Coppola and Kilmer!