Robomart delivers the store. (Courtesy photo)

In launching W Ventures last month, Baltimore entrepreneur David Warschawski said a couple of the key goals of the VC and accelerator company’s goal were to keep promising companies in Baltimore, or attract startups to the city.

With an investment that the company is announcing this week, the Mount Washington-based firm is adding a portfolio company in the latter category.

W Ventures made a six-figure equity investment (exact amount undisclosed) in Robomart, a Santa Monica, California-based that makes a shopping platform allowing folks to hail a store like they would a rideshare. The company made a splashy debut at CES in 2019 with a self-driving store. With its initial product, which is a pharmacy mart that has a driver, it is planning a rollout in West Hollywood this spring. Other versions have groceries and snacks. Looking toward future growth, the company must open a co-headquarters in Baltimore within three years as part of its agreement with W Ventures.


Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.