Walter Scott Served Two Years in the Coast Guard in Baltimore

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Walter Scott shooting
A still from the witness footage of the incident.

A tragedy in South Carolina has a Baltimore connection. Walter Scott, the unarmed black man killed by a North Charleston, S.C., police officer, served two years in the Coast Guard at Curtis Bay a a fireman’s assistant before being “honorably discharged “after involuntary separating due to a drug-related offense,” the Baltimore Sun reports.

After video surfaced showing Officer Michael Slager shooting Scott eight times as he fled a traffic stop, putting the lie to Slager’s own account of the incident, the officer was charged with murder.

As chance would have it, Slager served in the Coast Guard as well, but not in Baltimore.

By the way, Ben Carson condemned the shooting as an “execution,” and Martin O’Malley called the footage “appalling” and added that “it shouldn’t take a video to ensure justice.”

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