WaPo Looks Into O’Malley’s Money

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When you decide to run for president, you’re signing up for a whole lot of scrutiny–of your voting record, your personal life, and your finances. So former Maryland governor/current 2016 presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley could hardly have been surprised when the Washington Post started digging into his financial life.

In an unsigned editorial, the paper notes that California tech company Esri paid O’Malley nearly $150,000 for speeches. Incidentally (or, perhaps, not so incidentally), O’Malley had given this same tech company a lucrative no-bid contract when he was governor. Of course, that sort of arrangement isn’t illegal, or even all that uncommon, in the political world.

More fun facts about the O’Malley family’s money: While O’Malley was in office, he and his wife (a judge) had a combined annual income of nearly $300,000. They took out $339,000 in loans to put two of their kids through college. (No wonder he wants to lessen the burden of educational debt!)  They also have a $500,000 mortgage on their Baltimore house.

So while there are some “troubling” questions there, as the WaPo puts it, this seems to be one area where O’Malley has Hillary Clinton beat.

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