The Week in Review: 2 Years, 1 Week

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Memorial ride for Tom Palermo (Bikemore)
Memorial ride for Tom Palermo (Bikemore)

Happy New Year! Let’s get caught up on the news you missed while working toward hangovers and making resolutions. It’s the Week in Review for Dec. 28, 2014 – Jan 2, 2015.

Beloved cyclist Tom Palermo was killed in a crash on Roland Ave. Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook was identified as the driver who left the scene before returning with a cracked windshield, but no charges were filed in the case as of Friday. The cycling community and city responded with a pair of memorial rides for Palermo, and bicycle advocates provided a road map for a renewed focus on cycling safety in 2015.

Serial ended before the holidays, but the captivating tale woven by Sarah Koenig appears poised to stay with us beyond SNL parodies. Even though he wouldn’t talk to Koenig for the podcast, Jay opened up to The Intercept for a three-part interview. Considering his displeasure with how he was characterized and upcoming appeal hearings in Adnan Syed’s case, the Serial craze probably won’t need a new episode to stay front and center. But now that there’s a lot more material to clear up and unpack, it would be nice!

The Ravens became the third AFC North team to make the playoffs, and Joe Flacco even got emotional and gave an inspiring halftime speech. In the Wild Card round, they have to play the Steelers on Saturday night in less-than-ideal conditions, but the trash talking is the same as ever.

In real estate, a Greenspring Valley mansion sold at a seven-figure discount. No one saw that coming when it was originally listed back in 2012.

With the New Year, we’re looking ahead to even more bountiful Baltimore food options in 2015. Chef Brian Voltaggio is getting things off to a good start with Family Meal. We also look forward to discovering guilty pleasures on par with Amy Langrehr’s go-to, Club Wrinkle.


Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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