Week in Review: 8 Baltimore Stories You Might’ve Missed

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martin-o'malleyIt was a week of April Fools, and awesome clues. It’s the Week in Review for March 26-April 3.

Johns Hopkins is getting an awesome commencement speaker — the President of Pixar! And they announced it in the best way possible. Then the school turned around and got sued for $1 billion.

Marion Winik reflects on memory, of the short-term and fading variety.

Bishop Heather Cook was back in the glare this week as she appeared in court. Her trial in connection with the death of Tom Palermo is set for June.

Martin O’Malley hasn’t even declared whether he’s a presidential candidate, but the inevitable backlash is already here. He was called out for not being “liberal” enough, hitting out at Hillary and even for not declaring his candidacy (Meta!).

Laurel Peltier looks at phthalates, which make things smell good but probably aren’t too good for the hormones.

The Internet is safe again, as April Fools Day has passed. We took a look at a couple of different local approaches to the social media prank.

On the local restaurant scene, new Korean spot Brown Rice is getting all the buzz.

On the Hampden hillside, Cynthia McIntyre found a modern gem of a townhouse.

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