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separated at birthReal-life crime dramas, second-guessing snow closings and dead malls. Welcome to 2015. It’s the Week in Review for Jan. 2-9:

In the first working week of 2015, we got some crucial updates in cases that we started following late last year.

On Friday morning, Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook was charged in the hit-and-run death of cyclist Thomas Palermo. Even as they mourned Palermo, the community also demanded the arrest of Cook, who was identified as the driver of the car that hit Palermo soon after the crash. State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby reported that Cook was drunk and texting while driving the the 2001 Subaru. She also left the scene of the accident for 30 minutes and went to her home before returning. While she’s been arrested, Cook’s legal case is just beginning. The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland are pursuing their own action.

Meanwhile, Molly Shattuck is gearing up for trial in her attention-grabbing case. The former Ravens cheerleader appeared in a Delaware court on Wednesday. She didn’t make a deal with prosecutors, setting up another court date on March 23 in front of a jury. It wouldn’t be a week without Serial news, either. Sarah Koenig’s podcast on a 15-year-old Baltimore murder case continues to get new life, as the prosecutor from the case gave an interview to The Intercept.

The news on these cases seemed to come in breathless fashion. One reader even thought they were seeing double.

The highways showed new danger this week. Gridlock hit on Tuesday morning when a snowfall timed perfectly with rush hour. Baltimore City schools remained open, giving the recently-installed CEO Gregory Thornton a quick earful about how he should deal with winter. Later, the community once again mourned a tragic death, that of sound engineer Jeff Kaplan in a crash near Annapolis.

Elsewhere in the news, the New York Times visited the Dead Mall of Owings Mills, and Martin O’Malley signaled he would end his term as governor with a series of Tumblr posts. O’Malley put off his presidential announcement until the spring, so why not get in a few parting shots on the Internet?

If you weren’t already keeping an eye on real estate in early 2015, Cynthia McIntyre provided a pair of good reasons to start this week. She talked with developer Toby Bozzuto about creating happiness with design and his company’s new Locust Point development. Meanwhile, she unearthed a Federal Hill that have been on the map since 1792.

After a wild week, it often helps to return to old comforts. Amy Langrehr provides a list of local dishes and drinks that she could have over and over. Maybe it’ll get you to start thinking of yours.

Have a great weekend. Isn’t there a game or something tomorrow?

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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