The Week in Review: Of Party, Parity and Parody

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SNL Serial parody
Cecily Strong as Sarah Koenig in SNL’s Serial parody

Holiday preparations and family arrivals can leave big gaps in your news knowledge. Allow us to help you get caught up for a few minutes, so you can have some more time with the new toys.

Before there was Christmas, the week’s news cycle kept spinning. We knew Serial was a bona fide phenomenon because SNL offered up a parody. While the show has been up and down in recent years, they nailed Sarah Koenig’s cadence, and even showed the way for a TV spin-off that the show’s producers didn’t even know they wanted.

Once again Baltimore also found herself in the middle of the national controversy about police brutality. The man who killed two New York City cops began by shooting his girlfriend in Baltimore County. Local police tried to warn NYPD, but they found themselves under scrutiny when they sent a fax. Then, Fox45 made their own headlines after editing a recording of local protesters to make it look like they were advocating the killing of police.

Maryland’s criminal justice system was also under the microscope after The New York Times spotlighted the Tough Love judge, and authorities uncovered a multi-state dogfighting ring.

The holidays aren’t over yet, and that means there’s plenty of family time left. If you’re finding a lot of silence when asking everyone what they want to do with all this time spent not opening presents, allow us to provide some answers. Marion Winik offers some great brunch ideas, while Rachel Monroe briefs some of Baltimore’s best family spots. If you’re running out of recipes, Amy Langrehr rounds up the cookbooks worth reading.

Or, if you just need a break, check out some houses. Whether it’s a Cockeysville palace or a Gibson Island gem, we’ve got a couple homes that are easy to imagine a new life in — or at least a vacation.

And if all else fails, there’s always a good read to help you relate. Don’t miss Patrice Hutton’s rumination for all of the young women who were never cast as Clara.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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