Baltimore city gets its own summer festival September 15.  They’re calling it Charm City Music Festival, and it’ll feature what could be called, if you’re feeling generous, an eclectic line-up: Weezer, Flogging Molly, and Stephen Marley.

There’ll be a number of other bands, including local acts like All Mighty Senators, Jah Works, and Ballyhoo! (Their exclamation point, not mine.)  But I’ve got to say, for an event that the promo video bills as “Baltimore’s biggest music event of the summer,” they could be doing a more professional job advertising the thing. The promo looks like a compilation of YouTube clips with some text graphics thrown in, and I can’t tell if the website is trying to go for secretive or minimalist or high-school-graphic-design-elective. Maybe I’m just quirky, but dead crustaceans don’t exactly put me in the mood to shell out for a music festival.

On top of the acts, we can count on a local DJ tent, microbrews, and a “crab and seafood village.”