We’ve Gone Almost Two Years Without Breaking 100 Degrees in Baltimore

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100 degrees in Baltimore

Scott Dance at the Baltimore Sun pointed out an interesting factoid. Baltimore hasn’t hit 100 degree temperatures since July 18, 2012, when we saw a high of 104. The hottest it got the following summer was 97 degrees, also on July 18. So far this summer, we’ve seen it go as high as 96.

It would be interesting if there were a way to plot this against bottled water sales on highway medians and see if the vendors saw a significant drop in sales. How many of you out there wait for triple digits before you shell out a buck for some roadside rehydration?

Have you been in a better mood these last two years without being able to say why?

According to Dance, this next week shouldn’t bring any temperatures above 90 degrees, let alone above 100 degrees. So relax!




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