Johns Hopkins mailed out its early decision acceptances late last week — yes, that’s them in the photo — meaning that soon 561 eager prospective Blue Jays will be celebrating soon. (And, alas, that 898 will get less-than-happy news.)

As we noted before, lots of schools have seen a jump in ED applications, but Hopkins’s this year was quite significant; the school got nearly 10 percent more applications than last year. Our guess as to why? The university’s consistent and engaging online presence — for example, you can read here about what one admissions officer ate for breakfast on the day that admissions went out. Maybe that sounds silly or trivial, but kids in the midst of the college admissions race are often so consumed with anxiety that every little bit of data is soothing.

The Hopkins admissions team also understands the limits of the online platform. Admissions staff member Daniel Creasy posted a plea that students process the result — whatever it may be — offline:

“No matter what decision you receive, get off the computer after you receive your e-mail. This is a major milestone in your young life, and you should share your initial reactions and emotions with your family and those closest to you. These people have been there since the first moment of your life, and they will be there FOREVER. Your family is not some online community. Your family is not Facebook. Your family is not some anonymous screen name. Your family is not this blog. Please heed this advice. Receive your decision and sign off. Don’t update your Facebook status. Don’t post a comment on this blog. Share your thoughts and emotions in the REAL WORLD first. The virtual world will be there later for you to provide a social media spin on your news.  I say it every year … let the news sink in first. React in the real world before entering the cyber world.”

Wise words.