If you were living on Baltimore’s Eastside 60 years ago, you would have woken up and smelled yeast from one of the city’s big breweries nearby: Gunther, National Premium and, of course, National Bohemian. Those places are now long gone and have been replaced with condos and chain retail space.

But over the past three years, beer-making in East Baltimore has been making a comeback. Monument, and more recently, Mobtown Brewing Company, have set up shop near the area where those massive breweries churned out beer.

“It’s good to have beer back on this side of town,” said Monument’s head brewer, Dave Thompson. “Having a brewery here brings a real sense of community. With us, and now Mobtown, brewing culture is slowly coming back to the neighborhood.”

Monument City’s styles range from the modern sours to the more traditional pilsners that Czech, German, Hungarian and other Eastern European immigrants who came here in the early 20th century would have enjoyed.

“I’m really happy with our Keller Pils,” Thompson said. “It’s a limited edition. My favorite is out Pagoda Pale Ale.”

He takes a sip from a snifter.

“Beer is the social lubricant that brings people together.”

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