What Your Vacation Might Say About Your Personality

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If you want to learn about someone’s personality in a hurry, you could ask them whether they’d rather spend their vacation at Ocean City or in the Poconos. A new study suggests extroverts are more likely to choose the beach, while introverts prefer the mountains.

It might be a little obvious that gregarious types are less phased than introverts by the prospect of kicking back among untold numbers of half-clothed strangers, but the geography of one’s home state also correlates to personality, with a greater elevation range correlating to greater introversion. Well, unless they’re a Marylander.

Take a look at the scatter-plot graph. It suggests that Maryland is the most introverted state in the Union. And with all that shore! Our little data-point looks like it is running like hell from the best-fit line.

So maybe Maryland is an exception to this rule, but either way, now you’ve got something to lead with besides “What’s your sign?”


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