Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020 (Hint: Baltimore!)

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If the economy has had you feeling grim, just be patient. Wait around a few years, and things will look better — especially around the Baltimore area, it seems.

So says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which released its employment projections through 2020 last week. With professional services, health care, and education slated to be the sectors with the most potential for growth in the next decade, the Baltimore area is poised for increased job creation.  In fact, the Baltimore-Towson area is the ninth-best metro area for projected job growth by 2020. And there’s good news for our neighbors as well — the DC/Arlington/Alexandria area comes in at number one, with Bethesda/Rockville/Frederick in second place. (Other potential winners? Colorado Springs, New York, El Paso, and Baton Rouge.)

And you can once again thank your higher power that you’re not living in Gary, Indiana; Salt Lake City; Cincinnati; or Greensboro, North Carolina — all cities at the bottom of the list.

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